Health cash plans

All our health plans offer cash reimbursements of the costs of a wide range of healthcare maintenance and treatments. The money you receive back will depend on which plan you choose. Our Primary Schemes 1-5 offer up to 50% back of your costs and our Extra Cover schemes offer up to 100% of your costs.

What are HSF health cash plans?

Quite simply they are an easy and affordable way to help you spread the cost of health care not covered free by the NHS. If you need a new pair of glasses or require urgent dental treatment, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to pay for it. The same is true for a wide range of treatments and consultations. That's where HSF health cash plans come in.

Flexible benefits

We offer a wide range of health benefits which allow you to claim back cash for your costs. These include dental, optical, physiotherapy, a number of complementary treatments such as osteopathy, chiropractic, homoeopathy and acupuncture, specialist and investigations as well as paying you cash for hospital admissions.
Our schemes are flexible and reimburse you cash for a wide range of health care costs. So with our dental and optical category for example, you receive cash back after you have spent on both your eyesight and or your teeth!

Free cover for partners and children

One affordable premium is all it takes to benefit. And not only does HSF cover you, it also covers your partner and your children under 18 living with you.

Full details of benefits

For full details of each HSF scheme, benefits and terms applicable, please download the appropriate PDF below:

Scheme 1 [PDF - 534kB]
£7.75 per month
Scheme 2 [PDF - 530kB]
£15.50 per month
Scheme 3 [PDF - 530kB]
£22 per month
Scheme 4 [PDF - 626kB]
£29.50 per month
Scheme 5 [PDF - 530kB]
£36.50 per month

Scheme A [PDF - 530kB]
£47.50 per month
Scheme B [PDF - 626kB]
£63.50 per month
Scheme C [PDF - 530kB]
£80 per month
Scheme D [PDF - 530kB]
£94.50 per month


Can I join at any age?

Anyone between the ages of 16 and 70 may join.

Can I increase to a higher scheme at any time?

Yes, you may change schemes before the age of 70.

Do I need a medical to join?

No. You need only complete the health declaration in the application.

Do older people pay higher contributions?

No, all ages pay the same rates.

How do I pay?

By Direct Debit.

Can I get cover for my partner and family?

Yes. Simply give details of your partner and children under 18 in your application and they will be included in the HSF health plan scheme you choose providing they live at the same address.

Are benefits taxable?

No. You keep all you receive from HSF health plan.

What qualifying periods are imposed?

For most benefits claims will be accepted after three months; any exceptions are clearly indicated in our terms and conditions.

How do I make a claim?

Claim forms are available to download
Or alternatively please call 020 7202 1381.

How do I receive my money?

By a direct payment to your bank account.

When does my cover begin?

Cover begins on the date printed on your registration certificate and qualifying periods begin on that date as well.