Company schemes

Benefits to your business

We’re all aware of the benefits of health cover and company medical care needn’t be expensive.

HSF health plans have been designed as a simple and affordable way for you and your employees to spread the cost of health cover including dental and optical care, complementary therapies and help towards the costs of specialist consultation and medical treatment.

We have a wide range of plans so you are bound to find one that is suitable for your business.

Think of our health cash plans as your own employee health care programme – helping your staff cope with the financial consequences of providing everyday healthcare cover for them and their family. And with less worry, they're much more likely to make a valuable contribution to your organisation.

There are three cost-effective options:

  1. Company paid scheme You provide the full cost of cover. This will go a long way towards meeting your duty of care to your employees and keeping the workforce fit and healthy.
  2. Part-paid scheme You pay part of the premium with your employee paying the balance.
  3. Voluntary scheme This voluntary benefit is deducted from the employee's pay at source – if they want to benefit from the plans.

Benefits for your employees

It is well known that to have a happy workforce, you must first have a healthy workforce.

If your employees need help with their day to day healthcare costs, they don't need the worry of paying for it on top of the concern they may already feel. If you've been to a private dentist recently or looked at the cost of glasses, you'll know just how expensive it can be.

HSF health plan offers a wide range of flexible and affordable cash plans so your employees receive generous cash amounts towards the cost of their healthcare. Each scheme has flexibility built-in, allowing them, for example, to use the cash they receive back for either dental and/or optical care over the course of a year.

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